Tea Experiment

I didn't have seasonal allergies when I was growing up, but now I do. It's very uncomfortable.
Nettles apparently contain antihistamines so I'm trying nettle tea instead of taking allergy medication.

So far I like it. Symptoms are less bothersome. And drinking tea is always nice.

Especially from a small, crooked tea cup that I made myself.

Unwelcome visitor

Every year at this time a few wasps wander into our apartment through the open balcony door. They never remember how they got in, instead spending hours flying against the glass window, getting angrier and angrier.

I now have a method of trapping them when they're inside. It involves a wide mouth glass jar, tin foil and the freezer. I usually catch at least a couple really big ones - I suspect they're queens looking for a new place to make a nest to overwinter in. Not in our house please!


Small things from the garden.

Dried poppy pods and the first ripe Thai chilies.


Summer is ending.

I can hear cicadas outside. Amazing how an insect can produce such a loud sound.
The summer sun is still shining, but there is a coolness in the air. Autumn is coming.

Suddenly I want to start knitting again.


Here goes...

I'm starting a blog. I'm not sure why.

Just to share some nice things about day to day life I suppose...