Undo and Make New

Something I really love about knitting is how easy it is to undo. Undo a little to fix mistakes, or even undo the whole thing.

A few years ago I made a garter stitch scarf. I was teaching myself the continental knitting style, doing row after row of knit stitches, but my gauge was too tight so the scarf ended up a little stiff and consequently little worn after completion. Over the holidays I wanted to make a new cabled scarf, so I got out the neglected old scarf, found the end of the yarn, and...

Old Scarf

...rip, rip, rip. Undid the whole thing, row by row. Soaked the wool and let it dry to relax the kinks a little. Then rewound it into new balls of wool and knit it all into something new:

New Scarf

The wool is Highlander by Alpaca With a Twist, a blend of alpaca and merino. It's soft, has a nice drape and knit up quickly on size 9 needles. The colour reminds me of cookies and cream ice cream.

New Scarf

Warm and thick with cabled goodness. Perfect for today when it was -27°C outside with the wind chill.


Two delicious snacks I ate recently:

Sea Salt Chocolate Chip Cookies

1. Sea Salt Chocolate Chip Cookie
A huge, dense cookie from my local coffee shop with the perfect amount of chocolate and sea salt on top. I'm not really into cookies (is that crazy?) but this cookie was seriously good. The best cookie I can remember eating in fact!

Muscat Grapes

2. Muscat Grapes
I've eaten Muscat grape flavoured gummy candies in Japan (where gummy candy flavours get that specific) but I've never come across them in fresh form until last week. Very, very low in acidity, these grapes were so refreshing, mild and sweet. I couldn't stop snacking on them.